Our males

Here is a page with pictures and information of our British Longhair males in Zürich.

Google vom Zürichberg

Yes, we are keeping our Google (Litter G5)!

    • BLH – Male – Black Golden Shaded
    • Born on 6th September 2020
    • Parents: Elinor Zolotoi Zamog, Excel vom Zürichberg
    • Pedigree FFH Google 20-12-08
    • Blood Type : A ou type AB

Elinor Zolotoi Zamok (Opium) – will be retired this spring

Living by my mother in France.

    • BLH – Male – Black Golden Golden Shaded
    • Born on 1st of September 2018
    • Parents: Triumpher Golden Giovanni, Afina Zolotoi Zamok
    • Pedigree FFH Elinor (Opium) 190731
    • Tests: PKD / FiV, FELV négatif, HCM négatif
    • Blood type: A ou type AB